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Last updated 06/29/2020

July Meeting

    The July 2nd Tri-county Barnstormers business meeting was cancelled by Club officers due to the Coronavirus. All future meetings have also been cancelled. Please monitor this website for further information.

Club officers cancel all future meetings

  The Tri-county barnstormer officers have decided to cancel all future meetings until the Covid-19 pandemic has been resolved. The officers made this decision after a flurry of emails spanning the months of May through June. The local news as well as the national news indicated that there may no relief from the pandemic until possibly February 2021. So, instead of trying to make a go-no go decision each month regarding the meetings. The officers decided to just cancel all further meetings until the local and national governments indicate it is safe.

  In the meantime. The field remains open for use and our officers are confident that members will use good judgement and follow the current pandemic rules.

  As far as club operations. The officers have already met in June to discuss current issues that the club faces. They will meet again as necessary to continue to make decisions regarding the club in order to keep it running smoothly. You are encouraged to send e-mails to any officer to help keep them informed.

  Now, the virus does not keep the grass from growing so we still need volunteers to help with the mowing and general upkeep. So, PLEASE help.

Lock the gate, Lock the buildings  and remove your own trash

      Members are reminded that if you are the last to leave the field. It is your responsibility to make sure that all doors are closed and locked and that the gate is locked.

      Also, When you open the lock on the gate. Please spin the numbers so that the combination is not showing.

   Please remove any trash that you brought to the field.